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    Кофе в зернах Hausbrandt Espresso Nonnetti 1 кг
  • Кофе в зернах Hausbrandt Espresso Nonnetti 1 кг

    Hausbrandt Trieste 1892
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Кофе с выраженными характеристиками.

Наличие в смеси Робусты дает хорошую крепость и ни с чем несравнимый аромат поджаренного хлеба и печенья, с почти неуловимой кислотностью.

Baкуумнaя упaкoвкa 1 кг

Whole beans in 2.2 lb (1 kilo) bag.

Since 1892 the family Hausbrandt has been active in the business of roasting and trading coffee.

Nonnetti was the first blend from this company to lay the cornerstone of their outstanding reputation as one of the most appraised and renowned in Italy.

Fine Arabica and Robusta beans are skillfully blended to produce an outstanding espresso. The unique flavour of a Hausbrandt coffee is owed to the traditional roasting process using a slow rotating drum roaster that allows to bring out a coffee's truest flavour characteristics. A well-rounded coffee low in acidity with a complex aroma, nutty, velevety flavour with medium caffeine content!

Used coffee types: 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans

Assessment: medium strong coffee, excellent crema, medium caffeine content


****- very good for automatic coffee machines

*****- perfect for espresso

****- very good for cappuccino

****- very good for Cafè Creme

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